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An Inspirational Hour with Cecilia Yong


By Kiran Bajwa

This round of Inspirational Hour was held on 31 May 2017. It started at 12.30pm and ended at 2pm. The speaker for this session was Cecilia Yong, a former HMC student and a professional Latin dancer for almost 13 years now.

Cecilia started competitive Latin dancing when she was only 16. Incidentally, it was a Latin dance competition that left her with no choice but to sit for her SPM examinations a year later than her peers. Although a little disheartened, she took it in her stride and did well. Cecilia thanked her lucky stars for a very strong support system in the form of her parents, who have never stopped encouraging her. It is because of their support and her sheer determination that she was an undefeated Latin dancer for a period of ten years. One of her achievements includes joining a dance competition called So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia. Cecilia took part in the second season of the competition and emerged the champion.  Her other notable achievement is being one half of South East Asia’s top Latin dance couple alongside her partner Alfred Choo. Together they have been undefeated since 2004.

Cecilia is a determined person. With her partner, she practises for four hours a day or six to eight hours a day in the weeks leading up to a competition. That certainly shows sheer grit. Other than determination, Cecilia owes her success to her passion for Latin dancing. It is her passion that has kept her on her feet until today. She advised the students to never hide their talents or dreams as showcasing their talents and working on their dreams can take them far in life. Her talk resonated well with the students. Many were inspired by her talk because they either have been or are going through similar situations. All in all, it was an enjoyable yet inspiring talk.