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Mutual Mismatch

By Diyana Farid     |     Photos by Puteri Nur Inarah bt Mohamed Shukri

On the 26th of May 2017, HMC’s Orientation Hangout event was back again in full swing to welcome the newest May intake. The event was held at the Activities Hall of the HELP Residence building which was about a 5-minute drive away from campus. A rather interesting theme was set into play this time around, and it was appropriately titled “Mismatched”. All the respective attendees were required to don at least three mismatches – and the results were entertainingly satisfactory.

At 4.00 pm, the doors of the Activities Hall were opened to all attendees. Whilst registrations commenced, all participants and committee members mingled with each other. This allowed everybody in the room to break the ice and get a lot more comfortable with each other in anticipation of the event. This time around, the chairperson of the Orientation Hangout committee, Kervin Rees, also hosted this semester’s hangout. He was enthusiastic and made commendable effort in making the event as lively as it could be. Before the prepared games began, there was a surprise visit from the Dean of HMC, Mr. Dhanesh, who gave an insightful and inspiring speech to all the new students.

The moment the clock struck 4.30 pm, the event officially started with a short game called “Simon Says”. All participants stood in a circle and would group up with each other when the host called out a common characteristic. After that game, the group leaders were introduced, and all the participants were categorised into distinct groups relating to the word they received during registration. The groups were creatively named. One name that stood out was Memes. The next game played was “Musical Chairs”, which brought about nostalgia as it is a game played by many in their childhood. Needless to say, the attendees participated wholeheartedly. After that, the attendees played a fun game called “Chicken Royale” where they raced to grab a stuffed toy chicken in the middle of the room every time the numbers they were assigned to were called out.

By 5.30 pm, all the participants and everyone involved helped themselves to a spread of mouth-watering refreshments such as fried noodles and chicken curry. At this point, the highlight of the evening was to unfold as a diverse line-up of performances were prepared as entertainment for the attendees to enjoy while they feasted on the delicacies. There were beautiful acoustic and vocal performances by Yasser, Nicoles, Mia, Gajen, and Rachel. There was also an amazing beatboxing performance by Vinnoth. The show was wrapped up with a dance performance by Inarah and Yi Xin.

Towards 6.45 pm, the event came to a close. The hall was filled with chatter after the closing remarks by the host, and all the attendees and committee members busied themselves taking group photos with each other to capture the memories of this joyous event forever. This event marked the unofficial beginning of the May intake students’ new chapter in their lives, and has brought everyone closer together as a part of HMC’s extended family.