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Tropical Vibes

By Tengku Aiysha     |     Photos by Ivan Chen

On the 25th of May 2017, HELP Matriculation Centre (HMC) organized a tropical-themed orientation tea party to welcome the May 2017 intake. The event was held from 4:30pm to 6:00pm at the Subang 2 campus. Headed by Chairperson Rebecca Lai and her diligent team of volunteers, the entire event was a resounding success. All the May 2017 intake students attended the event along with some students from April 2017 intake and a few lecturers.

After a speedy registration, the attendees were led into the event hall, where the lively atmosphere attested that the new students were already at ease in their new environment and were quickly forming new friendships. Soon after, the event was officiated by Mr Dhanesh with a speech.

Kicking off the event was Jumble Puzzle, a game in which each participant was given a piece of a larger picture and instructed to find participants bearing the other pieces of the picture. Once participants were in their teams, they asked each other questions that the facilitator in charge asked. The hall buzzed with conversation and laughter surrounding topics like favourite cartoon characters and hobbies, among other interests.

For the next game, Strawballry, the students had to stand up and hold hands in a circle. Next, they had to construct a ring by using drinking straws and pass the ring from one person to another by going through the ring. At the same time, they had to keep balloons that were being tossed into the circle from touching the ground. Naturally, there was a lot of excited screaming from the participants, who were determined to keep the balloons in the air even though it was already a challenge to pass the ring around.

At 5:30pm, the participants were rewarded with refreshments for their efforts. It also gave way for the performances to start. The performances began with Rachel, who shone with her own sweet rendition of The Show by Lenka. Next, Sean Ching and his friends showcased a dance routine that was nothing short of fantastic, exciting the crowd with their choreography. The performances ended with a charming acoustic showcase by a trio of April 2017 intake students, Nicole, Batrisyia and Mark.

The lucky draw commenced at 5:50pm and left three lucky winners feeling extremely pleased. The event was wrapped up with a big round of applause for the hardworking committee members as well as the sporting participants. The new friendships formed were commemorated with a group photo to ensure that a day as memorable as this will be remembered for a long time.