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Aloha, September 2017 Intake!

By Nicole Khaw Cher Ern     |     Photos by Jason Chia

The Orientation Hangout for the September 2017 intake was held on the 29th of September. The committee members agreed on the theme “Aloha” with the dress code of Hawaiian-styled clothing with the hope of a refreshing and relaxing time for the new students.

On the day of the Orientation Hangout, the students were welcomed into the hall, which had been decorated with totems and colourful flags. The event then started with the students being split into groups to play a game called “Squat”. This short activity built their team spirit and elicited a lot of shared laughter. After that, Mr. Dhanesh gave the students his welcome address to motivate and inspire them to work hard during their Foundation year.

The event continued with two more games, “Guess and Name” and “Kingdom Run”, which the students really enjoyed. The games left no doubt about how active and competitive the students were. After using all their energy to win the games, they filled their tummies with tasty food laid out by the committee members.

While enjoying their food, the students were treated to a series of interesting performances lined up to make the evening more enjoyable and memorable. These performances comprising of singing and dancing were given by talented HMC students from previous intakes.

The event ended on a happy note as new friendships were formed and existing friendships were strengthened. The students were very excited as they took pictures together in their Hawaiian-themed outfits amid the Hawaiian-themed decorations. The event was a success because the objectives of the committee were met.