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September Vibes

By Tengku Aiysha     |     Photos by Marissa Tan

On the 27th of September 2017, HELP Matriculation Centre (HMC) organised a vibes-themed Orientation Tea Party for the September 2017 intake students. The event was held from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Almost all of the new students attended the event, along with a few lecturers.

The students did not waste any time showing up for the event; some had even arrived before registration started. By 4:40pm, the students had already filled up the event venue and were chatting excitedly among themselves, seemingly already familiar with each other.

The event began with an acapella performance by members of the HELP Choir, who imitated orchestral instruments with their singing and choreography. It was followed by a medley of songs, “We Know the Way” and “How Far I’ll Go”, from the movie, Moana. The medley featured the choir’s signature style, wherein they incorporate their resident beatboxer’s act. The new students were nothing short of impressed as their cheers bounced off the walls.

Soon after, Mr. Dhanesh officiated the event with a speech, imparting his wisdom to the new students on fully utilising their time at HELP University. He spoke of the importance of taking initiative and seizing the myriad of opportunities HMC could provide them, in hopes of inspiring the new students to make their time here worth reminiscing.

At 5:00pm, HMC’s Student Facilitators (SF) kicked off the games session with the Shoe ID game. The students were asked to form a circle, take off their right shoe, and throw it into the middle of the circle with their eyes closed. With their eyes still closed, the participants were supposed to make their way to the middle of the circle and pick up any shoe they find. Soon, shoes were in the air with people calling out for their owners. The SF in charge then gave the students who had already formed groups some questions to ask one another in order to reunite the shoes with their owners. The room was bubbling with conversation and laughter as the students got to know each other more.

The second game conducted by the SF was the Circle Game. The students were told to make a circle with chairs and to stand up on a chair each. The objective of the game was for the students to arrange themselves in alphabetical order without speaking. The students were struggling, stifling their laughter, trying to whisper to each other and keeping themselves from falling off their chairs as they moved within the circle to arrange themselves in order. The SF in charge went around checking the arrangement themselves by asking each student to recite their name. The students cheered in victory when they succeeded.

Refreshments were served shortly after, at around 5:30pm. After the students had settled down, the next batch of performances began. The MONO Dance Club kicked off the second performance slot with an amazing dance duet that left the audience in awe. Following that was a soothing performance by Batrisya, Nicole and Mark, the trio who were regular performers for HMC’s Orientation Tea Parties. Lastly, there was a guest appearance from guitarist Nicholas, who ended the evening on a sweet note.

The event was wrapped up at 6:00pm with a big round of applause for the students who attended the event and the committee members who made it happen. Group photos were taken with the committee members and the attendees, who clearly enjoyed the event. For many students, the Orientation Tea Party marks the start of their journey in HMC, and hopefully, this journey will be filled with many nostalgic memories.