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Statistics and Street Food in Penang

By Kwan Jia Ying     |     Photos by Ms See Yee Chen

The final round of National Statistics Competition saw 13 of us students and lecturers taking a 2-day-1-night trip to Penang during the week-long Deepavali break. It was a memorable trip for all of us because not only did we get to compete in the final round of the competition, but we also enjoyed a food adventure and got to know each other better.

On the first day, we savoured some famous Penang food like Penang Road Famous Teocheow chendul and Air Itam asam laksa. At around 6pm, we climbed the Kek Lok Si Temple. It was tiring, and we could not climb to the top because the temple was about to be closed for the day. For our dinner, we travelled to Gurney Drive to try out various Penang food. On the way back to our rented bungalow, we witnessed a festival that caught our attention due to the interesting colourful lights. Back in our rented bungalow, we were all tired, but the main reason for us travelling to Penang was the competition. Hence, we had a mini night “tuition” session to revise some questions.

In the morning, some of us were nervous, but others were excited. The final round was nerve-wracking because a few of us were confused by the questions while other participants seemed calm and composed when answering the questions. When it was over, there was a wave of relief among us, and we patted each other’s shoulders to tell each other that we did our very best and that we should enjoy the remaining hours of our trip before returning to reality, where most of us were loaded with assignments and classes were starting soon.

While waiting for the results, we had the privilege of listening to advice from key people from companies like Bosch and Celcom. They explained reasons for unemployment among fresh graduates and ways to impress interviewers. When the results were announced, we were very proud of Keverne and Kai Sheng for winning consolation prizes. We clapped and cheered loudly when their names were announced, and it showed our team spirit. We were so enthusiastic that everyone was staring at us, but that did not bother us a bit because we were too happy that our teammates won something.

We started the journey back to KL at around 5.30pm, stopping by Bercham, Ipoh to get some dinner. As our bus was on its way back to the city, we spent the remaining time playing games, sharing stories, sleeping and typing assignments. We arrived on campus at around 11pm, and everyone went back home safely.