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Do Platonic Relationships Really Work?


By Charmyn Ng Su-Mei

Can a man and a woman truly be “just friends”? Is an intimate and affectionate relationship between two heterosexual individuals of opposite genders with no romantic love whatsoever even possible? Some might say that it is surely possible as long as both parties are genuine and sincere about their intentions. On the flip side, some are firm believers that by nature, it is simply impossible.

Some argue that platonic relationships are possible as long as both parties set clear boundaries and agree that there is no potential for a romantic development. However, these two individuals need to be incredibly firm and rooted in their decision to remain just friends in order not to succumb to what their peers might think of as a romantic relationship. It also helps to remind one another of the initial intention of starting this relationship in the first place – pure friendship. Moreover, many swear by platonic relationships as both parties are able to share their own perspective and learn from each other’s experiences.

Nonetheless, there are some who believe that it is undoubtedly impossible for a platonic relationship to exist between a male and a female due to developing hormones. Many say that when a male and a female encounter each other, there is always a hidden agenda at the back of their minds, whether they are aware of it or not. The argument also continues with the fact that the more time one spends with the opposite sex, the higher the chances of having feelings for them. However, the real problem occurs when one of them has a romantic relationship with a third party. How would that sticky situation play out?

Inevitably, both genders have to interact with each other one way or another. How the relationship is developed is completely up to individual expectations and perception of what a relationship is. Thus, let us all respect one another’s opinions and remain open-minded to the opposing idea.