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Stranger Things: The Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby Relationship


By Amira Farhana

We’ll start off with an introduction about a girl named Julia. She was not in trouble. She was not financially desperate even though she lacked self-control. She was a normal college girl, with a great sense of curiosity. One day as she was humouring friends with jokes about finding a sugar daddy (something she never thought she would be doing), she had an unexpected revelation. It dawned on her that having a sugar daddy was indeed a possibility.

Despite being initially convinced that she was not going to get involved, she ended up doing the opposite by giving in to her curiosity. She eventually came across a website called Seeking Arrangements and analysed profiles of sugar daddies. She, however, had no access to the profiles of sugar babies to have a glimpse of why they do what they do. But it was not hard for her to assume as stereotype tells her that sugar babies are wealth-seeking females who are lazy to fulfil their potential. To her, it is just a way to describe “cheap”.

However, upon turning herself into a sugar baby, she learned from some of the sugar daddies that some of the sugar babies are “girls who are just looking to survive”. But of course there are also those who are looking to either be taken care of by a “mature” men. Some are in it for fun, and some are in it for the money.

The sugar daddies, including some married ones, just want to pamper these girls. Some may expect the return of the favour, but some, for baffling reasons, may not expect anything in return. It is possible that these men are either bored and looking for fun or are trying to re-live the life they once had. Julia very soon realised that whether or not these men expect something from the sugar babies after “spoiling” them, they are all just the same. One good reason for them to desire the company of these sugar babies is to feel needed.

It struck Julia that if all these men really want is to feel fulfilled, they do not have to practice the typical relationship between a sugar baby and her sugar daddy. Instead, they could pass down their legacy by actually mentoring these girls on how to survive. It is also undeniably more ethical. Out to prove this can be done, she advertised herself as someone who is not looking for money, but a girl with potentials who desperately wants to learn. This instantly attracted many sugar daddies. However, it was rather frustrating as the reason they liked her profile was because she had come across as “exotic and sexy”. Feeling disheartened and on the verge of giving up, she was approached by a man who was willing to mentor her without anything in return. When she asked him why, the surprising response she got was “people should just help one another, and if that comes in the form of teaching, the knowledge should be passed onto someone who would not waste it.” This restored her faith in humanity and led her to pursue the stranger.

Throughout their relationship, she had her moments of doubt about the man. When was he going to kill her? Is this a scam? However, they ended up being friends, but their relationship was kept strictly professional. Because of him, she has grown as a person and is currently about to start her own company.

This is the story of Julia – one of the many sugar babies out there. One cannot help but wonder what it is like for the other sugar babies.