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Back to School

By Nicole Khaw Cher Ern     |     Photos by Jason Chia

The Orientation Hangout for the January 2018 intake students was held on the 26th of January 2018. The main purpose of this event was to create a platform for the new students to bond with each other through fun and exciting games. The committee members decided on “Back to School” as the theme as they wanted their juniors to feel relaxed in their new environment. The suggested dress code was school uniforms as it could evoke nostalgia amongst the attendees.

On the day of the Orientation Hangout, students arrived dressed in their old high school uniforms and sportswear. It was a delight seeing everyone gawk at one another and show off their uniforms. At the beginning, the students were shy and quiet. The committee members took that as an opportunity to get to know the juniors by talking to them and introducing themselves so that they would open up. The deejay then started to play upbeat popular songs to set the mood. After that, many students started dancing with one another and singing along to the songs while patiently waiting for the event to start.

The event started with an ice breaker named “Who Are You?” The emcees got the students to form two big circles with an outer circle surrounding an inner circle. Students were then required to ask the person facing them questions such as their name, their previous school and their toothbrush colour. This helped them to get to know each other more. The second game introduced was a beloved primary school game known as the “Handkerchief Game”. This game lightened the atmosphere as a lot of running was involved. The last game played was called “Newspaper”. It was a team game wherein students were split into “Prefects”, “Librarians”, “Students”, “Monitors” and “AJKs”. Each team was given a sheet of newspaper and required to do whatever the emcees read off the given newspaper. This encouraged them to strategise with and trust each other. The games were successful as all students had fun with each other.

After the games, Dr. Chandra – Deputy Head of HELP Matriculation Centre – arrived and gave a speech to motivate the students. Filled with renewed vigour, the students left the hall for dinner, during which they talked and bonded with one another. Later on, they were ushered into the auditorium for a performance session by students from previous intakes. It was a delightful treat to watch such beautiful and passionate performances. The event then ended with a photo-taking session. It was a lovely Orientation Hangout as many friendships were made in this event.