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Glow Up

By Dayna Sheng Kye Ern     |     Photos by Marrisa Tan

The Glow Up-themed January Orientation Tea Party was held on the 25th of January 2018 for the January 2018 intake students. The majority of the new students, along with a few lecturers and senior students attended the event.

Quite a number of students showed up to the event early. Many of them were talking to their friends excitedly. When the registration booth opened, a long line of students was waiting to register themselves. By 4.50pm, they had settled down in the venue, waiting for the event to start.

The tea party started off with a welcome speech by Mr. Dhanesh, Dean of Faculty of University Foundation Studies. In his speech, he encouraged the students to show initiative and take advantage of the multiple opportunities that HELP would provide on their journey through tertiary education to gain new experiences.

Before the games started, the students were randomly assigned to different teams. This is to ensure that they would mix around and interact with their peers from the entire intake. The first game was an ice breaker called “Ball Toss”. In this game, the students had to throw a small ball to any of their team members. The person who was throwing the ball had to call out the name of the person they were throwing the ball to. They were allowed to throw the ball only to someone who had not caught the ball before. By the end of the game, everyone in the team had learned each member’s name.

The second game, “Ring Tossing” became more intense as it was a competition between the groups. Each group member was given a plastic ring and had a chance to throw it into the ring holder. The team with the most rings in the ring holder would win. Many of them tried their best to aim at the right spot, but it soon proved to be difficult. Hence, some students started cheering for their team members, and whenever a throw was accurate, they were ecstatic; some even jumped for joy.

The third game was the “3, 6, 9” game, whereby the team would sit in a circle and call out numbers starting from number 1. If anyone called out a number with 3, 6, or 9, everyone had to clap. It was a fun game because when someone made a mistake of not stating the right number or clapping at the wrong number, the team would laugh it off and start over from number 1.

As soon as the game session was over, the students were treated to light refreshments. The students lit up at the sight of food, and many hurried to grab a spot in the long line. Once they had all settled down with their plates of noodles and cups of orange juice, the performances started. First up was the singing duo, Bridgette and Izzah, who sang two amazing songs that set the tone for the rest of the performances. Next, the dance trio from Mono Dance Club impressed the students with their awesome dance moves and coordination. Lastly, Batrisyia, Larissa, and Nik had everyone singing along to their breathtaking voices.

The tea party ended at 6.15pm with everyone applauding the students who attended the event and the committee members who made it happen. After that, many group photos were taken of the committee members and attendees, who clearly enjoyed the event. The tea party marks the start of the new intake’s journey through HMC, and hopefully, they will continue to make more wonderful memories along the way.